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Kubuda Guides

We are committed to your personal journey.  Each guide specializes in different modalities and bring them all together to create the perfect mixture of health and well-being for your transformation.


Your Guides

Karin Wolfe

AADP Holistic Health Practitioner

NTCB Biofeedback Specialist

Karin is the owner of Firefly Within, LLC.  She is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Reiki Master. Her tools of the trade include biofeedback, sound healing, essential oils, Reiki, HeartMath, and wellness coaching.


Abi Collomb


Chef Abi, creates healthy, delicious food from local, organic produce during your Kubuda. Her culinary skills are matched with beautiful presentation, love for others, and an abundant variety that will keep your taste buds dancing and your heart singing!

Ashley Sergeant

GUEST Yoga Instructor

Ashleigh is the Head of Yoga Content for, Director of Yoga and Movement for The Envision Festival in Costa Rica, co-founder of The Alaya School of Yoga, spent five years as the Global Yoga Trainer for Adidas.

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