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Whales Tale, Uvita, Costa Rica

Earn A Free Kubuda

Become an Affiliate OR Gather Your Friends

   1   Become an Affiliate 

If you would like to display the Kubuda postcard in your place of business or office, for every 11 people who attend a Kubuda because they learned about it through YOUR business, you get a free* Kubuda!  You can use it for yourself, gift it to someone else or save them up and bring your own small group on us!

How Does It Work:

We add your business name to a drop down menu during the registration process so the person attending can select your business.  Plus, just to share the love, we will add YOUR place of business with a link here so others can find your magical place, too! After all, love is a two-way street.

Kubuda Front Final.png
Kubuda Post card back details.png

   2   Gather Up Your Group 

Get together 11 of your closets friends and family and your Kubuda is FREE*!  You will get to a fabulous transformational experience and have the honor of helping the people you love transform their lives too.

* Travel NOT included.  CONTACT US for full details.

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