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  • How do I know which Kubuda is right for me?
    Everyone's journey is a personal choice but we are here to help! If you've looked over the descriptions of the Kubudas and you're still not sure please contact us. We'll have a conversation about your current life situation and your desires and goals. Together we'll be able to select the Kubuda experience that is right for you!
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost differs for each Kubuda and will also depend on whether you want a private or shared room. The costs and the deposits required are in the description of each Kubuda. If you're still unsure please contact us and we'll be happy to explain further.
  • What's included in the price?
    All of the Kubudas include: 1) Private chartered jet from San Jose, CR to and from Quepos 2) Group shuttle to and from the Quepos Airport to Kia Ora 3) Lodging at the beautiful Kia Ora 4) Three meals daily plus snacks 5) See each Kubuda description for MORE inclusive items specific to each event PLUS a few surprises and gifts that we have planned!
  • What's NOT included in the price?
    We try to make it all inclusive but there will always be little extra's that you may want to experience on your own. The things that you will cover on your own are: 1) Private GROUND transport from San Jose to Kia Ora (Air transport IS provided) 2) Rental car if you desire one 3) Any meals and drinks outside of the Kubuda 4) Tips and gratuities 5) Individual activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, surfing, etc 6) Souvenirs 7) Individual taxi rides
  • I don't have anything that needs to be healed but can I come anyway?
    Of course! Life is a journey and whether you've had past trauma or a blessed life, raising your vibration and clearing out any stuck and un-needed energy is always a good thing. There is plenty of time for healing but also for play, laughter and fun! We recommend you consider the Nourish Your Body and Soul Kubuda.
  • I have special dietary needs.  Will this be accomodated?
    We have an on-site chef who is very skilled in producing a variety of foods for every dietary need. The meals will be ayurvedic in nature and served buffet style so you can make your own choices. But PLEASE let us know if you have any restrictions or allergies at least a few weeks before your Kubuda so we can make sure we have the right supplies and ingredients on hand.
  • What should I bring?
    The easy answer is "the bare minimum". Try to pack light and easy. You won't need any fancy clothes or make-up. This is a natural, "we love you the way you are" kind of experience! But these items will make your experience more enjoyable: 1) Yoga mat or blanket (we recommend the foldable travel mats) 2) Light rain jacket 3) Hiking shoes or "hiking" sandals that can get dirty 4) Organic bug spray 5) Any medications that you may need 6) Reusable, travel water bottle 7) An open mind and a good attitude!
  • Should I have travelers insurance?
    You will be traveling to a different country with a climate and terrain that you may not be accustomed to. We advise that you obtain some kind of traveler’s insurance in case there is a mis-hap. The Kubudas do not cover individual accidents or theft whether on or off the property. We do our very best to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. Your safety and well-being is of the utmost importance but accidents can occur so it's wise to be covered.
  • What happens if I get sick or injured during my stay?
    We hope this doens't happen but if it does the closest major hospitals are found in Quepos and San Isidro del General. Several doctors operate out of Dominical, and a private clinic in Pueblo del Rio offers non-emergency care and minor surgery (Tel. 2787-0129 or 8865-4064). For all major emergencies, dial 911. Dominical also has several dental offices and a chiropractic clinic with bilingual staff.
  • I want a double room but I'm alone.  Who will I be sharing with?
    We do our best to pair up people with similar backgrounds and interests. You will be with your own gender and relative age group. If, at any time, you are not comfortable with the person you are sharing a room with we will do our best to re-arrange the accommodations if possible.
  • Can I have a private room?
    Yes! You will have the option of a double or single room depending on the availability so it's best to sign up early if you want to be sure of getting a private room. There are 8 rooms total that can hold 1 or 2 people. The Kubudas will never have more than 16 participants. Plus, each room has its own private bathroom and looks out into the jungle. It's the perfect place for reflection, healing, and rejuvenation.
  • Are the rooms air-conditioned?
    Yes! Each room is air-conditioned for your comfort. We may be holding some activities outside in nature, and while the weather is pretty consistent, be prepared for a variety of temperatures.
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